The environmental review shows the actual amount of CO2 emissions of the car fleet – the figures can be exported directly to the company's Scope 1 emissions report

Starting in 2021, Drivalia Lease Finland has been working on versatile customer-specific environmental reviews, which reveal, among other things, the actual CO2 emissions in kilograms of each company's leased cars. In addition, you can compare, for example, the operating forces of your own company's fleet with the situation of other companies. The customer-specific report provides data-based material for the company's own responsibility reporting.
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Drivalia's environmental review reports the environmental impact of the company's fleet of cars, such as the emission load of company cars, production cars, or all leased cars, on a customer-specific basis.

From the review, you can separately view e.g. the annual driving performance in kilometers, the driving power of the cars, and the number of home charging devices. The report is easy to read and only the most important figures have been highlighted. This year, the report is also available in English due to the needs of international companies.

– The review also allows you to see how the driving forces of the fleet change and develop as new cars are ordered. Customers are particularly interested in how the overview can be used to compare the driving forces of one's own fleet with the driving force distribution of Drivalia's other customer companies. The comparison can be made according to a similar fleet of cars. In discussions, people are often surprised by how many or few electric cars the company has compared to other companies. Many have thought that they are a pioneer in car selection, but they are not, or the other way around, Drivalia's Key Account Manager Saara Vunneli says.

The comparison can be made according to a similar fleet of cars. In discussions, people are often surprised by how many or few electric cars the company has compared to other companies.

Saara VunneliKey Account Manager, Drivalia Lease Finland

The overview shows the direction of the load on the car fleet

Companies have their own goals regarding the environmental load of the car fleet and the selection of cars with lower emissions. Drivalia’s review offers one way to monitor how the company has reached its goals. More than 50 percent of new car orders among Drivalia's company cars are fully electric cars. Vunneli says that the carbon dioxide emissions of company cars ordered last year according to the WLTP standard were 29g/100km. The cars have therefore mainly been fully electric cars or plug-in hybrids.

The driving force comparison shows what the emission load status of the car fleet is like in relation to the set goals. Comparative data is available from 2021, when the recording of these comparative figures started at Drivalia. The review is part of Drivalia's consulting service for framework contract customers. The review can also be ordered for other contracts.

– Without monitoring, it would be difficult to assess the direction of the car fleet. For example, if the statistics for 2023 say that there are a lot of plug-in hybrids in a company where company cars are driven long distances, then the share of electric driving is very small. This affects the total emission load, Drivalia’s Key Account Manager Marja Ojala explains.

Actual CO2 emissions pre-calculated

The review data can be compiled for any desired time interval, and usually it is run for a full calendar year. The collected data and comparison figures are something the customer company cannot get by themselves through MyFleet reporting. Some of the figures are available on MyFleet.

– Customers appreciate the pre-calculated actual emissions in the report instead of emission kilos given by the manufacturer. The figures from the review can be exported directly into the company's emission reports for Scope 1 emissions for leased cars, Ojala says.

Kilograms of CO2 emissions are calculated from refueling statistics, which have their own emission factor for all operating forces. The coefficient is used by VTT. The statistics also reveal whether the drivers have refueled with regular or renewable diesel – there is a big difference in the emission load of these. In the report, you can also see if the cars are refueled with 95 or 98, with the latter having a higher price per liter. It also shows how many charged kilometers the hybrids have driven.

– At Drivalia, we encourage the purchase of home charging equipment for all cars that can be charged, because it is the cheapest and most effortless way to charge. Our goal is that hybrid drivers in particular charge their cars as much as possible, Vunneli says.

Customers appreciate the pre-calculated actual emissions in the report instead of emission kilos given by the manufacturer.

Marja OjalaKey Account Manager, Drivalia Lease Finland

It is worth communicating on the achievements of car policy?

Vunneli recommends companies to communicate their own car policy and its achievements.

– Companies often hide information about how environmentally friendly and even completely emission-free cars their employees drive. For example, if you look at two-year comparisons and notice a clear difference in the emission load, you should tell your own employees and stakeholders about it. A change in car policy alone can achieve a lot, Vunneli reminds.

Ojala continues, saying that company cars are often the cars with the lowest emissions. Both state that within a few years, many low-emission hybrids and all-electric cars will be released from companies' leasing contracts onto the used car market.


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April 10, 2024
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