Service description, Charging Service

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  1. Electric Driving_LService Description


    (1) If Customer wishes to take into use the Charging Service (“Charging Service”) specified in this service description, it takes place in accordance with this Service Description as agreed separately for each Vehicle-specific Contract (“Contract”).

    (2) The service descriptions, service terms and service charges of LeasePlan and the LeasePlan partner (“Provider”) as valid from time to time apply to the Charging Service in addition to the terms of this Service Description.

    (3) Otherwise the terms of the Master Agreement between Customer and LeasePlan apply.


    2.1 Charging Key

    (1) Provider delivers to the user of the Vehicle (“User”) the applications and charging keys that may be required for the Charging Service (“Charging Key”).

    (2) User may use the Charging Key in charge points offered by Provider from time to time and in his/her own charging device, provided that it is a charging device approved by LeasePlan and Provider for this purpose.

    2.2 Handling Charging Costs through LeasePlan

    (1) If User has a full car benefit and a charging device approved by LeasePlan and Provider in his/her use, LeasePlan may include the handling of the charging costs in the Contract. In such a case Provider monitors the amount of charged electricity and reports it to LeasePlan who in turn reports it to Customer and User following its own practices.

    (2) User pays the electricity charged through the charging device and Provider credits the electricity costs paid by User directly to User. Provider invoices electricity costs and any service charges from LeasePlan and LeasePlan in turn from Customer as agreed in more detail in the Contract.

    (3) Use of the charging device to charge anything but the Vehicle or replacement vehicle is on the responsibility of Customer and User. Use of the Charging Key to charge anything but the Vehicle is forbidden.


    3.1 Purchase and Installation of the Charging Device

    (1) LeasePlan may, subject to separate agreement, order a charging device to User from Provider to be installed in an agreed location. Customer may also order the charging device as an accessory to the Vehicle from the car dealer delivering the Vehicle. The supplier of the charging device is always alone responsible for the delivery and installation of the charging device subject to the supply and warranty terms of the original manufacturer of the device as well as fort the support offered to User and management of error situations.

    (2) Customer or User are responsible for additional costs and possible permissions or modifications associated with the installation on the installation location of the charging device as they mutually agree and for having obtained all permissions required for the installation before making the ordering of the charging device.

    (3) Customer or User are also responsible for the possible breaking of the charging device or the costs caused by errors outside the warranty. If Customer makes payment of such costs on behalf of User, they should consider the appropriate handling of such costs in the personal taxation of User.

    3.2 Handling of the Purchase and Installation Costs of the Charging Device

    The purchase and installation costs invoiced by the supplier of the charging device from LeasePlan shall be handled on the Contract the same way as other purchase costs of accessories of the Vehicle, as agreed in each case separately depending on the practices of Customer and the directions, orders and interpretations of the tax authorities at the time.

    3.3 Taxation of the Charging Device

    (1) If the purchase and installation costs are not included in the taxable value of the Vehicle, or if the use of the taxable value otherwise ends for instance upon the Contract ending normally or prematurely, Customer and User need to ensure, that User pays the redemption price for the charging device that meets the requirements of the tax authorities as applied at the time. Customer is responsible for the carrying out of the redemption and handling of it in accordance with the requirements of the tax authorities as applied at the time.

    (2) The purchase and installation costs that have been included in the taxable value of the Vehicle cannot be transferred to a Contract of another Vehicle or its taxable value, therefore the redemption occurs always in accordance with section 3.3(1) upon the end of the Contract.

    3.4 End of the Charging Service

    (1) At the end of the Contract the acquired charging device remains in the possession and ownership of User unless Customer and User between themselves agree on a transfer of the charging device at their own cost. The charging device shall not be returned to LeasePlan.

    (2) If the continuance of the charging service in a change situation requires a transfer of the charging device or a purchase of a new one through LeasePlan, LeasePlan invoices the costs of a new device and its installation from Customer as separately charged costs.