Car use and maintenance

Fuel cards

Fuel cards allow you to pay for fuel purchases, car washings and small accessories if fuel cards are part of your company's car policy.

As the fuel company’s credit card holder, you are responsible for all the purchases made by that card. By using a PIN code or signing a purchase document, you agree for the purchase to be paid by your employer. The card must be kept carefully separate from its PIN code. If the card is lost or stolen, inform immediately the fuel company’s emergency service and Drivalia.

If the card goes missing, use these contacts:

Neste 📞 0800 196196 Shell 📞 0204 432 074 ST1 📞 0800 13770 S-Yrityskortti📞 020 333 Teboil📞 0800 126 60

Fuel cards abroad:

EuroShell card can be used at all Shell stations in Europe.

Neste card can be used as a payment method at Neste stations in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. When refueling abroad, the features associated with the card may not necessarily function the same way as they do at domestic stations. Abroad, purchases are primarily billed at the pump price of the place of purchase. Mileage and vehicle registration inquiries do not work in Latvia.

Routine checkups of the car

  1. Please make sure to have your car inspected on time, because an uninspected car will immediately be banned from driving.

    In cars owned by Drivalia, the inspection fee is included in the leasing contract. A-Katsastus Oy and K1 Katsatajat Oy invoice Drivalia directly. The Inspection Act has changed in 2018.

  2. Cars and vans introduced after 20.5.18 are inspected as follows:
  3. Cars and vans introduced before 20 May 2018 are inspected as follows:

Washing and cleaning

For safety and comfort, it is important to take care of the car's cleanliness. It’s recommended that the exterior wash is done always if necessary. The interior cleaning should be done at least once a year. Make sure that the windscreen is also cleaned from the inside. Washing and interior cleaning is an additional service in our contract, so check out your company's policies for using washing services.

Drivalia does not have specific car wash partners. Some of our contract shops, including tire shops and primarily repair shops, offer car washing services. If you know of a reputable company in your area that provides car washing services and can bill Drivalia, you can use their services.

If the car wash company does not have Drivalia's billing addresses or information, please ask them to send their invoices to the following address:

We will provide the necessary billing information to the business owner as needed.

Expense claim form

The expense claim is the expense caused by the exceptional situation which the driver has had to pay. For example, in a situation where the car's tank is almost empty and the driver has not had a suitable fuel company card. The driver has to fill the expense claim form, which makes it an electronic invoice for Drivalia. Filling it is easy and effortless. The driver also receives a copy of the expense bill he has filled in to his email. Start the expense claim by filling in either the registration number of the replacement or waiting car you are using.

Expense claim must contain the required information and receipts from every transaction/event/purchase. The receipt must include the supplier, event and the amount in detail (including VAT). Read the instructions before completing the form

Abroad with the car

Export license Please check first, whether you are traveling in the EU or EEA or outside of the areas through this link.

EU and EEA areas A technical part of the registration is required while travelling abroad (also when travelling to Åland in Finland), which is good to pick up personally from the inspection office free of charge. Remember to bring your ID along. You can find the inspection office where you will get the needed technical part of the registration via this link. If the car does not have 2 owners (car users), then the export license should be with the driver while travelling in the EU area. If your car is owned by Drivalia Lease Finland Oy, you can easily get your export license by completing the form below. If the car is owned by another person, order the export license from the owner of the car.

Outside of EU and EEA area For journeys outside the EU or EEA territory you will need:

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.

In the context of the necessary permissions, it is good for the driver to find out from the employer, what are the rules of going abroad with the car and what’s the coverage of the insurance. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the traffic culture and rules of the destination country in advance. For example, in Germany, the car must have an environmental sticker, in Switzerland the motor sticker and in Russia mandatory equipment is an extinguisher. Detailed information on the country-specific requirements can be found on the Autoliitto’s website and on the European Commission's website.

Your mileage

We are actively following the realization of the mileage and we compare them to the budgeted kilometres. If you have a fuel card supplied by Drivalia and you have reported the mileage at refueling we will get the information from the fuel company.

If you know a clear deviation on the number of miles vs. the mileage on the contract, you should report it as soon as the drives change, so that we can make the necessary changes in the contract.

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