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How to proceed if you're in an accident in a leased car?

  1. If necessary, call for help

    Always call the emergency number 112 or otherwise contact the police in case someone has been injured, help is needed on site to control traffic, you have collided with a large animal or there’s criminal activity involved, such as DUI, speeding, theft or vandalism.

  2. Roadside Assistance

    For any assistance needed on the road, call Drivalia Roadside Assistance at 0207 420 899.

How to report a damage

  1. Fill in the electronic damage notification form

    Please inform us on all damages to your vehicle immediately after the incident or when the damage has been noticed by using the electronic form. Customers insured via Drivalia motor insurance are able to continue directly to filing the claim report right after making appointment with the repair shop. Filing a claim report requires strong identification.

    We wish to remind, that according to the Finnish law, insurance company has the right to refuse the handling of a claim, which is reported more than one year after the incident has occured. In case your vehicle has been damaged due to an accident caused by another motor vehicle, you may use the same form for making an appointment with the repair shop. We recommend also to file a claim report even if you are not at-fault, just in case the other party fails to report the accident to his/her insurance company.

  2. If necessary the car usage statement

    If the other party is at fault in a car accident, please fill out the car usage statement for the replacement car and return it to

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