Switching to electric

Make the switch today

We can help you as you switch to electric!

Whether you are a business decision-maker, a company car owner or looking for a private lease car, we have the tools you need. 

Business decision-maker: Let's modify your car policy to support electric cars

With us you will find the most suitable leasing solution to support your business. Today, that increasingly means switching to electric cars.

With the help of our experts and services, you can start responsible and economical electric driving efficiently and effortlessly.

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Marko Juvonen, marko.juvonen@leaseplan.com,
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Nestori Leppänen, nestori.leppanen@leaseplan.com,
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Company car driver: Explore your options!

If you are considering switching to an electric car, first familiarize yourself with your company's car policy. Your car policy may define which makes or models are supported in company car contracts and whether electric cars are possible in your company.

The most important thing you should think about before purchasing an electric car is the distances you will drive and in which areas.

Familiarize yourself with the policies of your housing association, so that you know whether it is possible to install a home charging device and under what conditions. You should also know the public network in the area you drive in and critically assess whether the charging points are sufficient for the smoothness of your everyday life.

Consumer: Get to know our selection

Are you a consumer and interested in purchasing an electric car with private leasing?

Check out our selection! We have several different brands and models of electric cars. You can see electric cars by selecting "Electricity" under "Fuel" in the filter.

Visit our Private Lease showroom and find your car!

Hybrid or electric?

It’s impossible to imagine a world without electric vehicles. And the good news is that there are many ways to drive an electric vehicle.

But what is the difference between a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric vehicle?

Here's why you should opt EV over ICE

Electric vehicles (EVs) can be better for your wallet, better for the planet and better for your driving experience.

Don’t believe us? Let’s dive into the top benefits of going electric.

Electric driving in 3 steps

We simplify the transition to e-mobility for you


Second step 

You pick the charging solution that works best. We offer charging solutions at home, at the office and at public charging stations.


First step

You choose an electric car that perfectly matches your specific needs. Configure your car or select an advantageous, preconfigured electric one.


Third step

LeasePlan professionals will support you and will simplify your transition to electric mobility for a cleaner, greener and quieter environment.

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