Fleet management is an interpersonal service – customers praise our smooth leasing process

Drivalia Lease Finland conducted a customer satisfaction survey in September, which received a record number of responses and open comments. Functional service and fluent processes, as well as the customer service attitude of the contact persons, emerged as strengths in the survey. The answers also gave us ideas for development work.
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Commercial Director Vesa Kalske gladly states that, according to the research, customers generally feel that Drivalia's services correspond well to the needs of company transportation. The survey was targeted at decision-makers of company car policies.

– Our biggest strengths are the customer service attitude and professionalism of our key account managers and customer service teams that are assigned to each customer. This, the long-term building of partnerships, and an open line of discussion will continue to be maintained in the future as well, ensures Kalske.

For him, it was nice to notice that even though the survey was timed during the announcement phase of the ownership and name change, customer satisfaction increased compared to previous surveys. The number of respondents was now twice that of the previous year. The active response shows that fleet management is an important issue for companies, and the employees responsible for car policies wanted to share their opinion.

Genuine partnership

A positive thing in the midst of the change was that customers are willing recommend Drivalia even more than before. Drivalia typically has long-term customer relationships that have been created during 25 years of operation. Customer satisfaction plays a key role in building long-term customer relationships.

– We offer an interpersonal service. Our key account managers and customer service teams work as an extension of the customer's organization and are trusted players in handling and developing the customer's car affairs. As the automotive industry is undergoing a big change and driving is being electrified, the role of a partner's expertise and know-how is emphasized. Through this, a genuine partnership has been built over the years, which customers have been able to recommend, says Kalske.

Drivalia is the largest leasing operator in Finland, especially among companies with large fleets of cars, and it also has a strong position in the leasing of production cars. The change of ownership will not affect the familiar basic operations, but in the future, new mobility-related services can also be expected.

Development items for the work list

The customer satisfaction survey also revealed issues that need to be developed. With the help of feedback, it is possible to go through possible improvements in the entire process, so that customers' needs can be met as well as possible.

– Even though our overall result was good, it is important to find areas for development. The customer satisfaction survey is particularly important to us in this work. Going forward we’ll be focusing on, for example, the construction and development of electronic tools, automation, and report formats that benefit the customer. In addition, we aim to develop how we can better utilize customer-specific operating models that have been found to be good to an even wider extent, lists Kalske.

Development work also continues with regard to charging solutions for electric cars, because the number of electric cars is growing all the time, and the charging options are also becoming more diverse. Drivalia's charging service already covers the entire country in home and workplace charging as well as in the public charging network. Since the charging service market itself is still in the development phase, Drivalia is also closely monitoring its strengthening. Drivalia is developing its services together with charging specialists as well as traditional fuel partners. – In addition, in accordance with the feedback we received earlier, we have included private leasing and used car leasing in our service selection. Our autumn survey confirms that there is a demand for these, states Kalske.

Thank you for all the respondents!

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October 11, 2023
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