Seven reasons to start driving electric

  1. VastuullisuusSustainability

    Switching to electric is better for the environment. With no tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles can improve air quality and overall have lower CO2 emissions than petrol or diesel vehicles.

  2. LatauslaiteBusiness continuity

    Cities are limiting the entry of combustion engines in their centres because of the damaging pollutants in fuel. Low emission zones are already in place in more than 200 cities including London, Amsterdam, Stuttgart and Stockholm. Electric vehicles ensure that you can still access low emission zones.

  3. MittariRange

    The range of electric vehicles is increasing and is sufficient for most daily usage of drivers without the need for extra charging on the way. Latest generation electric vehicles offer a realistic mileage above 200km up to 500km.

  4. Check box pieni taustallaAvailability

    More electric vehicle makes and models are becoming available. Today there are already 10 models available on the market with more to come in 2019. Car manufacturers are investing more in electric vehicles and almost all popular makes are planning to have one or more electric models in their range.

  5. EuroCosts

    The time when electric cars were not affordable is in the past! Contact us for the prices of electric vehicles to understand what electric driving means for your costs.

  6. PeukkuDriver satisfaction

    Drivers of electric vehicles are more satisfied. Driving an electric car is fun, easy and exciting thanks to ‘one pedal driving’. Drivers also enjoy the silent driving mode of electric cars and can also positively contribute to the environment.

  7. Nuolet ristiinTaxation

    Government initiatives are making electric driving more attractive with drivers paying less tax.

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