Company-car benefit related tax values in 2022

The Finnish tax administration has confirmed the tax values relating to the company car benefit for the year 2022.

For the most part, they remain as before. Taxation of low-emission vehicles will change in some respects.

For an unlimited company-car benefit, the share of usage costs added to the basic value is reduced by: • €60/month (or €0.04/km) for plug-in hybrid vehicles including gasoline-electric hybrids and diesel-electric hybrids, and for vehicles running on methane-based natural gas (a new reduction beginning from 2022); or • €120/month (or €0.08/month) for all-electric vehicles (an already existing reduction).

The value of the company car benefit is based on the year when the vehicle was put on the road and stated as a percentage of the replacement price of the vehicle (i.e., the general recommended retail price of the make and model) plus a fixed sum added thereto. The tax values of the company-car benefit in 2022 remain as they were and are shown below:

Age group • Age group A (vehicles put on the road 2020 to 2022) • Age group B (vehicles put on the road 2017 to 2019) • Age group C (vehicles put on the road before 2017)

Unlimited benefit (vapaa autoetu) / month • 1.4% + €270 • 1.2% + €285 • 0.9% + €300

Limited benefit (käyttöetu) / month • 1.4% + €105 • 1.2% + €120 • 0.9% + €135

*For all-electric vehicles registered for the first time in 2020 or later, €170/month is reduced from the above, irrespective of the type of company-car benefit.

As from the beginning of 2022, low-emission vehicles provided by the employer are entitled for a reduction of €85 per month from the taxable value (concerning both the unlimited and limited benefit), if the vehicle’s CO2 emissions rate between 1 and 100 grams per kilometre and the vehicle has been registered for the first time in 2021 or later. The reduction is temporary in nature and valid in 2022-2025.

The decision concerning the principles for calculating fringe benefits is available in its entirety on the Finnish tax administration web site (in Finnish).